The Sly Cat From Hawksite


A Limerick for fun, commemorating: Lost Sock Memorial Day – May 9th, Eat What You Want Day – May 11th, Limerick and Edward Lear’s Birth Days – May12th, International Migratory Bird Day – Saturday May 13th, Love A Tree Day – May 16th, and National Memorial Day – May 29th, 2017.

The Sly Cat From Hawksite

By Lys Tigrés

There once was a sly cat from Hawksite
Who watched birdies from day until dark night
He sat in the vale
just flicking his tail
and gave all the chirpers a good fright.

The birdies in Hawksite were noodles
they hung from the trees draw-wing doodles
they teased the sly cat
never worried ‘bout that
‘cause they had many pets who were poodles.

In Hawksite the poodle brigade
never once made it in to the glade
they were barking mad questers
for lost socks and ancestors
fetched for the Memorial* parade.

The town boasts a flamenco-ing girl
who loves to abundantly twirl
she flipped over the cat
bonked the tree with her hat
leaving birds, pups, and cat in turmoil.

There once was a sly cat from Hawksite
who let sleeping dogs lie as was their right
as dogs snoozed cat would wait
grumbling belly to sate
then he’d eat up five birdies in one bite.

Oh that sly fella fat cat from Hawksite.


*for the sake of the Limerick, please read Memorial as Me-moh-real,
not Me-moh-ree-al. Ah, thank you very much.