Beehive: Hairspray or Honey?

An April poem to honor Springtime, National Poetry Month, Draw a
Picture of a Bird Day (April 8th), and Hairstyle Appreciation Day (April

Beehive:  Hairspray or Honey

Tease coif up to sky
Pleases gay nightengale to nest
Spray ‘do’ much to stay
Cause lacquer tethered bird shrill cry

Bees form honey comb
In hairy haute couture new home
Blues song bird eyes food
So frenzied flight fight chase ensues

Droppings drip on face
Ambrosia, bumbles sap stripes nape
Clawed scratches, stingers
Must resolve, remove with fingers

Make quick trip for remedy
But where? What’s best for malady?
To hospital or Stylist run?
Bye-bye beehive, hi sticky bun