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  • Just like:  Earth Takers
  • and:  The Hair Prophet
  • and:  Shroedie On The Lamb
  • likewise:  Chupacabra Of Eden
  • and:  Forced Landing
  • Mad Scientist At Play
  • The Water Wraith of Paris
  • and:  The Mysterious Case Of The San Remo Mummy

Unlike other work… for instance one of my poems:

Dream Of The Sleepless Night

I trusted you
with my ruby heart
with my sapphire mind
you touched my wrist
a cool breeze
my skin rising away from me

I took a risk with you
a capsule filled with deep taupe powder
I never did before
you spoke my fear
a soft whisper
my feet planted on Earth

I played a game with you
rainbow-bronzed flowers growing from water splashed oil
moonlight touched asphalt
you saw them too
a gentle gaze
my irises opened to black

I stayed awake with you
energy vibrating silver-white-hot
seconds expanding
you never counted them
a time warble
my borders melted with yours

I flew away with you
hummingbird hurly burly beats
turquoise feathering
you wrapped me in your wings
a chirped quiver
my trill song pulsing your thrill

I shared a dream with you
the sleepless night kaleidoscope
hallucinations creations imaginations
you dreamed me
an entwined calm
my delight electrifying your joy

I trusted you


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